The Deep South

Explore The Deep South:

The Deep South is different from the rest of America;  almost indefinable but more relaxed, more easy going. Think Bourbon whisky and ribs, music from jazz to pop, civil war and civil rights, Gone with the Wind, beautiful plantation homes; here in abundance, as well as charming and friendly people, an amazing diversity of food and scenery which ranges from the coastal barrier islands to the heights of the Great Smoky Mountains.

A holiday in the Deep South will let you discover all the best of this wonderful region where you can visit vibrant cities, small American towns, experience history, hear great music and eat fantastic food and all topped off with an enormous dose of Southern hospitality!

Everything went to plan. The car was excellent, we had no problems with the ferry bookings or the hotel reservations and the information we received was all accurate. We appreciated the very convenient seats that were reserved for us on the flights. Overall, an excellent holiday experience, you did an excellent job in putting it all together for us and in responding to my many queries

Mr Goodyear