Explore Colorado:

Named by the early Spanish explorers for the red coloured silt carried by the Colorado River, Colorado is a mainly mountainous state. Denver, its capital with a thriving arts and cultural scene, sits more than a mile high above sea level. The Rocky Mountains dominate the state and a lot of the fun to be had in it. Activities range from riding and fishing holidays to hiking and white water rafting but Colorado also has its share of excellent galleries and museums as well as 45 State and National Parks, 8 National Monuments as well as 23 Scenic Byways, all of which connect historic sites and majestic scenery.

Colorado also has 30 hot springs and over 6,000 miles of river, and is one of the best states for fishing and whitewater rafting.

Whatever you are looking for on your fly-drive holiday, it’s there to be explored in Colorado.

Everything went to plan. The car was excellent, we had no problems with the ferry bookings or the hotel reservations and the information we received was all accurate. We appreciated the very convenient seats that were reserved for us on the flights. Overall, an excellent holiday experience, you did an excellent job in putting it all together for us and in responding to my many queries

Mr Goodyear